Next Generation Yacht Design: Meet 80m Superyacht Symbiosis
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Next Generation Yacht Design: Meet 80m Superyacht Symbiosis

Next Generation Yacht Design: Meet 80m Superyacht Symbiosis

Superyacht concept symbiosis - yacht informer

Whilst the superyacht life – and intrinsically its needs – keep evolving, so does the standars and interests of future yacht owners. With this in mind, the Swiss based studio Kurt Merki Jr embarked on a new trajectory compared to the traditional approach to yacht design, a path parallel to the one of humanities greatest challenges at the moment; one in harmony with nature. 

Superyacht concept symbiosis - yacht informer 2
All images courtesy of Kurt Merki Jr

Kurt Merki Jr, a Ghanian/Swiss designer based in Switzerland who heads an architect and product interior design studio, has come up with a 80-metre yacht concept named Symbiosis. The biophilic concept is packed with greenery including a ‘tree of life’ located on the exterior aft of the main deck. This large tree, which stretches over two decks, can be selected from a variety of different options to suit the owner’s needs and climatic regions.

Since Symbiosis is the studio’s first yacht project, it has enlisted the support of yacht-green CEO Axel Massmann, who has worked on other well-known superyacht projects, including Living Trees and Worldwide Oldest Unique Bonsai. Aside from Massmann, the studio also incorporated insight from Glenn Dalby, former captain of the 126.2-metre superyacht Octopus. 

She is also home to a lawn of over 100 square metres, which can be used as a playground, picnic space or a workout area. Automated irrigation systems help maintain the grass, with a gardener on hand to keep the space in good condition.

The superyacht concept Symbiosis spans six decks and has an estimated 3,000 GT. She’s been preliminary designed with accommodation for 12 guests and twice as many crew, but her GA is flexible and free to be curated specifically for an owner.

All images courtesy of Kurt Merki Jr

This large garden is another of the features revealed by Kurt Merki Jr, and Rinne expressed with great enthusiasm that they’ve sculpted the area with a number of knocks and hideaways. 

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“Kurt Merki realised there is something missing in the superyacht experience,” Rinne continued. “Yes, they’re beautiful and guests cruise beautiful destinations, but somehow nature is missing. Everything is either plastic, steel, aluminium or coated wood – guests are surrounded by artificial materials. So why not introduce nature into the actual design process? This is how the symbiosis idea was conceived.”

Superyacht concept symbiosis - yacht informer 4
All images courtesy of Kurt Merki Jr

In addition to navigating different climate zones, the superyacht will cater for the dietary needs of its guests. Axel Massman of yacht-green spoke of the practicalities onboard: “We integrated automated watering & fertilising systems, climate & light controls as well as specially designed cabinets at the conceptual then design and engineering development stages. The result is a practical, manageable solution.”

Speaking on the design of the yacht, Captain Glenn Dalby added: “Symbiosis has genuinely pioneering features and raises the bar further in the quest for the perfectly idyllic onboard environments at sea”.

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