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Who are the Best Yacht Builders in the World?

Who are the Best Yacht Builders in the World?

best yacht builder in the world

Yacht Builders: Since the 2008 financial crash, a record number of mega yachts have been built and the superyacht market remains the strongest that is has been for years. Which means that there are plenty of new superyachts being built around the world as we speak!

What has helped greatly to boost the market is the increasing demand for explorer yachts. These are yachts that are built for visiting more remote destinations around the world. In 2015, an increase of 17% in demand for explorer yacht builds was seen, as well as a 9% increase for mid-sized yachts, so the last decade saw a healthy return for some of the world’s leading yacht builders.

But who are these super-yacht builders and can you work with them to design and build a yacht for yourself, if you had a few million pounds sitting in your back pocket that is of course!

The leading yacht builders in the world

There are those wealthy individuals that simply buy a superyacht when they fancy taking to the high seas. And then there are those wealthy individuals that are not content with buying someone else’s yacht, but want to build one themselves!

So where do you go when you decide to build a superyacht yourself?

You turn to a yacht builder who will be able to understand and visualise your personal tastes and needs. They can then transform your vision into a fully customised mega yacht that is ready for action. Here are just a few of these builders that could help you turn your vision into reality:


Firstly we have Feadship, the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders. This elite shipyard will work with you to produce your custom yacht. They work alongside mega yacht owners throughout the whole design and build project to ensure that the yacht fits with the high standard of luxury expected from the owner.

Out of the leading yacht builders in the world, Feadship is considered to be the best and is the ‘go-to’ company for the mega-wealthy when they want a new show-piece. One very notable yacht built by Feadship is Faith.


Amels, based in the Netherlands, is a globally-renowned world leader in the design and production of luxury yachts. Operating out of Vlissingen, Holland, the yacht builders are known for amazing builds such as Volpini 2.

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Heesen Yachts

Another world-renowned yacht builder based in the Netherlands, Heesen Yachts designs and builds luxury yachts using cutting-edge design technology. They are well known for their high-quality innovation and yacht designs constructed from aluminium, such as Project Aquamarine, due for completion in January 2121.


You simply cannot fault German design and engineering! Lurssen remains a family-run shipbuilder that started in 1875. They have a long history of building thousands of vessels and specialise in customised luxury yachts between 60 – 220 meters in length and can boast as being the builders of 11 of the longest boats in the world, including Azzam, the worlds longest yacht!


Last but not least in our yacht builders list is Oceanco, based in the Netherlands. These shipbuilders specialise in customer superyachts between 80 to 140 meters in length. Not to be outdone by those on the list before them, Oceanco is responsible for the development of several famous name superyachts currently floating around the world. Their newer designs are quite eye-opening too and their latest creation, Esquel, looks like it belongs on the set of the next James Bond film.

For the latest in the news about your favourite mega yachts, keep up to date with our news page. Don’t forget to check out our Mega List for more details about the best yachts that are sailing on the high seas right now!

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