Yacht Informer On the Road: French Riviera
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Announcing Yacht Informer On the Road: French Riviera

Announcing Yacht Informer On the Road: French Riviera

Yacht Informer On the Road: On behalf of the team at Yacht Informer, we are thrilled to announce something that has been in the works for several months now. From today, we will be traveling the French Riviera to bring you up close and personal with all things yachts.

French riviera

If you’re looking for a live adventure that you can follow along with for all things yachty-related, then look no further because boy do we have a treat for you. Seeking out the best in the business, we are taking video series to an all-new level. 

french riviera

Don’t worry if you can’t travel this summer season due to the ever-changing and uncertain climate we find ourselves in. we are doing all that for you so you can enjoy unbeatable, original content in the comfort of your own home! Pour yourself your favourite beverage, soak up that summer sun and delve into this sensation series. 

Yacht Informer On the Road: From today until the 31st of June, Yacht Informer will be bringing you a series unlike any other as we travel the French Riviera this summer starting in Antibes and visiting places such as Cannes, Monaco and many more! We will be saying hello to the industry’s best and most revered along the way. Think winding picturesque coastlines, unmissable interviews, extraordinary live footage, daily vlogs, a podcast to accompany the road trip, a healthy dose of travel enthusiasm and of course, an exploration of the best food and travel destinations that the glorious French Riviera has to offer. 

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So buckle up and jump on board as we take you along for the action. You will be joined by Australian Journalist and Chief of Content for Yacht Informer, Sophia Llewellyn as well as Swedish Entrepreneur and Chief of Strategy for Yacht Informer, Ludvig Lindholm.

So join us for an adventure unlike any other. You can follow the adventure here as well as on our social platforms! See you there.

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