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Bering Yachts: Behind the Innovative and Alluring Brand

Bering Yachts: Behind the Innovative and Alluring Brand

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Bering Yachts – a look behind the brand: As 2020 comes to a close, it’s been a whirlwind of a year for both the superyacht industry and the world at large. From the ever-changing nature of restrictions to the new normal we now find ourselves in. Consequently, innovation, a forward-thinking attitude and a responsive approach have been pivotal qualities throughout the year.

One such company which has embraced these qualities and found a wealth of silver linings in 2020 is Bering Yachts. Founded in 2007, this innovative yacht company was born out of a love for all things superyachts, a passion for efficient nautical design and a shared interest in boat building.

As the company explains, “Today, the Bering Yachts line ranges in size from 60 to 160 feet and is offered in two lines: Expedition and Explorer.”

With a focus on excellence and a Scandinavian influence, “Bering Yachts prides itself on designing, engineering, and building yachts that can go anywhere and do anything without a large crew or complicated systems.”

Image courtesy of Bering Yachts

Bering 70’s Remarkable Journey

When it comes to 2020, Bering Yachts have achieved a whole lot. On July 28th, a team from Antalya set sail with the aim to travel 1200 miles in 12 days, exploring Turkey’s Aegean and Turquoise coasts. Proving luxury, efficiency and comfort can go hand in hand, the journey was a great achievement for the company.

As President and Chairman of Bering Yachts, Alexei Mikhailov explains, “We wanted to demonstrate that a fast planing yacht is not necessary to cover serious distances in a limited time cruise and that it can be done a whole lot more comfortably and cost- effectively.”

“All our major sea miles were covered overnight – in perfect comfort may I add with less than 50 decibels of sound, no vibration, and the gyro stabiliser and seakeeper active stabilisation system keeping her rock steady all the time.”

Bering 145 Reaches New Milestone

Image courtesy of Bering Yachts

Thanks to innovation, design and a focus on excellence, the hull of Bering 145 was turned this year then the superstructure and the hull were joined at their facility in Turkey. Leading the way as a role model, Bering 145 sets an all new standard and illustrates what is possible for the industry.

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Image courtesy of Bering Yachts

Plus, with an eco-friendly power solution which reduces emissions, lowers fuel consumption and saves both space and weight, Bering 145 is indeed a sustainable design of the future. Set for delivery in January 2022, the 45 metre superyacht was sold earlier this year.

A Brand Bent on Results

In exploring Bering Yachts, it’s clear that achievements and progress can be made both in times of ease and in the face of adversity.
In reflecting on 2020, the company is a point in case for the silver linings that have come out of an exceptionally unique year for the industry.

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