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A Day in Antibes

A Day in Antibes

From the alluring coastal shoreline to the enticing beauty of old town, Antibes embodies the charm of the French Riviera.

Having spent the day there, we started our morning with an espresso in true French style. Meandering through the terracotta painted town, we found ourselves soon devouring freshly baked focaccia alongside a cooling scoop of gelato. The sun beating down, we headed to the port to see the incredible yachts on show. From smaller sailing boats to larger charter yachts, Antibes provides the perfect viewing spot to watch the activities of yachts coming and leaving the port.

We were also fortunate enough to have the pleasure of speaking with the Founder of Antibes Yachting, Rebecca Whitlocke. We spoke about the current trends within the yachting industry, the reasons why Rebecca has been drawn to Antibes and stayed within the world of yachting and much more.

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