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A Mega Yacht Worthy of Featuring in a James Bond Movie

A Mega Yacht Worthy of Featuring in a James Bond Movie

We all know that James Bond movies are full of extravagant vehicles such as high-end racing cars, private jets, submarines, and even space shuttles (Moonraker, anyone?) but at Yacht Informer we love it when a luxury mega yacht makes an appearance.

We love watching stunning yachts being showcased and can admit to being distracted by the yacht setting and missing a crucial plot twist or two being discussed in a scene while busy goggling at the yacht in the background.

James Bond fans will not be surprised to see a few mega yachts making an appearance because many of the films are shot in popular yachting hot spots, including the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. However, our pulses race when a yacht is the centre-stage for a piece of the action.

In Skyfall, featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond, you can spot the Aria I making an elegant appearance. The 56-metre luxury yacht was previously called the Regina and was launched in 2011 by Spanish yacht company, Med Yachts.

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With accommodation for up to 12 guests, and huge deck space for entertainment, the yacht was used in the film to transport James Bond, and Bond girl Severine, to an island off the coast of Macau for an epic face-off with Bond villain, Raoul Silva.

In another Daniel Craig outing, the 54-foot wooden sailing yacht Spirit was featured in Casino Royale. The luxury sailing yacht was built by British contemporary wood yacht builders Spirit Yachts specifically for the 2006 feature film.

In Casino Royale, you watch James Bond sail the Spirit through the network of Venice canals with Bond girl Vesper Lynd. The vessel was designed to be de-masted so that the yacht could manoeuvre its way under the many low bridges dotted around the Venice waterways.

mega yacht

The Spirit is truly unique and very classy with rich mahogany topsides and teak decks. Nothing was left to chance with the build as Bond is well known for his taste in luxury vehicles, whether they be cars or boats.  The vessel oozes quality and classic elegance.

What is also notable about the Spirit is that it was the first sailing yacht to travel up the Grand Canal in 300 years!

A new mega yacht concept fit for James Bond

While there have been many mega yachts making appearances in a long line of James Bond films, there is one mega yacht concept on the drawing board that looks like a perfect fit for either James Bond or one of his arch-nemesis.

The Ultra2 concept may look like a classic and stylish mega yacht from the outside, but plans for the inside include a safe room and counter-Intelligence protocols – perfect for a super-spy, or his super-smart enemy.

mega yacht

The Ultra2 concept is the brainchild of Theodoros Fotiadis, the Berlin-based designer that has combined what is technically a floating fortress within a subtle disguise of a full-blown luxury mega yacht.

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The 311-foot vessel comes with a safe room and is packed with state-of-the-art security and privacy technology. Yet to the casual observer, all these featured are well hidden. This would make an ideal floating MI5 base where diplomatic meetings could be held, or alternatively, a secret hub for a James Bond villain wanting to stay mobile and constantly eluding his rival.

No compromises have been made over luxury, however. The yacht offers a spacious 4450GT interior with an eye-catching feature spiral staircase with rich mahogany and gold finishes throughout the ship.

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With accommodation for 14 guests and 26 crew, the yacht has two oversized swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, storage for three tenders, a helicopter, water toys including sea bobs, kayaks, wave runners, surfboards, water slide, and an iMax cinema to keep her guests entertained.

The Ultra2 comes off the drawing board following the unveiling earlier this year of the Stormbreaker concept by Fotiadis. 

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