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Superyacht Pools: Top 5 Best in the World

Superyacht Pools: Top 5 Best in the World

Here we showcase some of the best Superyacht Pools in the world.

Superyachts have long been known to host some of the richest people in the world, and builders are constantly on the look-out for new ways on how to create the ultimate experience onboard both for charters as well as private owners.

When it comes to swimming pools, what is arguably the center of relaxation on a yacht, there are a few names out there which takes the price for going the extra mile when it comes to kicking back onboard. Let’s have a look at some of the main players for the best superyacht pools in the world!

1. 136m Flying Fox Superyacht Pool

Superyacht pool

One of the stand-out Superyacht pools within the yachting game is definitely the 12-metre swimming pool onboard 136m Flying Fox, which runs transversely on the Main deck, a first for a superyacht of this size and a technological challenge unlocked.

What the guests will notice is the glass front that can be misted to opaque at the touch of a button, the swim jets at one end and the massage jets at the other, and the height-adjustable floor that means it can offer a deep swim, shallow paddle or even, at full height above the water, a bandstand for parties.

2. 162m Eclipse Superyacht Pool

Superyacht Pool

If the impressive engineering of the Superyacht pool onboard Flying Fox sets her apart, the sheer beauty of its peer onboard Ecplise rightfully earns her the number two spot on our list.

The pool is a vast entertaining space, with 3.2 metre overheads and a retracting glass sunroof. The ambience of the pool is as important as how it looks. You’ve got to want to sit by it. Or dance on it: the blue granite bottom of the pool rises up to sit flush with the deck to create a dance-loor. It can also be lowered a touch to create a paddling pool.

3. 126m Octopus Superyacht Pool

Superyacht pool

Something that stand with the 126.2 metre Lürssen superyacht Octopus is that she’s an explorer yacht, but with some of the finest features out there. Octopus was built for the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and is packed with all sorts of treats. Alongside her two helicopters and submarine, a glass-bottom swimming pool can transform into a dancefloor with a nearby bar for drinks served poolside.

4. 107m Lana Superyacht Pool

Superyacht Pool

For our fourth spot, the Italian built beauty Lana takes the spotlight with her elegant, minimal and sophisticated design. She’s the charter yacht of choice for Bill Gates and party guest Jeff Bezos, as well as Beyonce and Jay-Z, 107-metre Lana hosts an inviting eight-metre Superyacht pool on her aft deck. One of many spa facilities on board the Benetti-built colossus, the pool is surrounded by sunpads looking out port and starboard towards the ocean.

5. 85m Victorious Superyacht Pool

AK Yacht’s 85-metre Victorious was launched in April 2021 and, after 14 years in the making. The focus and design of this Superyacht pool comes from the owner’s passion for the water, which is evidenced by the 200-square-metre beach club, which has a counter-current pool, gym, massage room, beauty salon and, of course, a traditional hammam. A great place to lay back for a relaxing afternoon!

Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below!

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