Beyonce Celebrating 40th birthday on most expensive yacht ever!
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Beyonce Celebrating 40th birthday on the most expensive charter yacht in the world – all details and images

Beyonce Celebrating 40th birthday on the most expensive charter yacht in the world – all details and images

Beyoncé and Jay Z charter Flying Fox on 40th

Even though the summer season is slowly coming to an end here along the Mediterranean, the superstar singer Beyonce is giving us a glimpse of what it’s like to celebrate your 40th birthday onboard the world’s most expensive charter superyacht, Flying Fox.

Beyonce Celebrating 40th birthday

Even though their presence on board the yacht didn’t resurface until a few days into the trip, the iconic family has now shared a number of photos from their time on board the yacht.

The journey in itself included a couple of days along the coast of the summer-swept Italian island Capri, as well as some of the most infamous spots for summer yachting in Europe along the French Riviera, with docking in Cannes in particular.

Beyonce Celebrating 40th birthday photos

Flying Fox, managed and chartered through industry-leading company Imperial Yachts, is reported to be the most expansive yacht available for charter.

Beyonce Celebrating 40th birthday photograph

At 136-metre length, her 22.5m wide beam ensure a comfortable living space together with a unique design on both exterior and interior. The yacht can house up to 25 guests on board: her luxurious, contemporary interior design offers 11 cabins for 25 guests in night mode, all with private sea-view terraces.

Another unique feature is the 12-metre swimming pool, which runs transversely on the main deck, a first for a superyacht of this size.

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photographs of Beyonce Celebrating 40th birthday

To make sure the relaxation is up to par for any 40th birthday parties, the yacht also boasts a never-previously-seen 400sqm 2-floor Spa including the finest assets and treatments that only a palace can offer.

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