Heesen's new 55m superyacht Project Apollo revealed
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Heesen’s new 55m superyacht Project Apollo revealed

Heesen’s new 55m superyacht Project Apollo revealed

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Heesen’s new 55M superyacht (Steel Class) Project Apollo has begun construction, the first of its series to feature a revised design.

Heesen’s Oss facility has now laid the keel, and delivery will take place in autumn 2023. In the beginning, the shipyard started the project according to specification, which sped up the delivery process for the prospective owner.

Frank Laupman’s Omega Architects designed the Project Apollo’s “muscular” exterior lines, while Luca Dini Design and Architecture designed its elegant interior.

Fast Displacement Hull Forms improve fuel efficiency as well as stability in all sea states, adding to Project Apollo’s steel hull.

Among the superyacht’s spacious six cabins is an owner’s apartment with a French balcony and walk-in wardrobes. Its sundeck, which has been extended compared to the previous 55m Steel Class yachts, includes a bar and jacuzzi.

Among the other modifications to the original design is the existence of an extra-wide central stairway and an additional companionway from the wheelhouse up to the sundeck.

As for the altered design of Project Apollo, Laupman said: “We took the opportunity to give a slightly more aggressive look to the profile, by using continuous sheets of tinted glass. The horizontal lines stretch the optical length and balance the air draft.

“The result is beautiful: we retained the family look and feel, but gave it an elegant touch.”

Heesen’s chief operating officer Friso Visser continued: “We believe in this proven design platform and have worked with Omega and Luca Dini on creating a yacht that meets the refined tastes of clients who appreciate Dutch quality with a shortened delivery time.”

Heesen’s new 55m superyacht; she sure is a work of art and will be exciting to follow as her journey towards the ocean has already set sails. 

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