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Hybrid Yacht Concept SEE with Mushroom Lab and Alfresco Cinema

Hybrid Yacht Concept SEE with Mushroom Lab and Alfresco Cinema

Hybrid Yacht Concept SEE full yacht

We’re starting off the week with Gill Schmid Design and Lateral Naval Architects delivering a collaboration on the new 65-metre hybrid yacht concept SEE.

A silent, efficient cruising system is provided by the E-Hybrid propulsion system by Lateral and is one of the main features setting this build apart. While the diesel engines are provided only for battery charging, the batteries provide six to eight hours of hotel load at anchor, and up to three hours of smooth, silent cruising.

“SEE is more casual than your conventional yacht, with open-plan living, flexibility in use, and convertible spaces,” comments the design studio. 

Moving out onto the exterior areas, the designers have left plenty of space for both entertaining and lounging. The immediate centre of attention on the main deck of this design is the eye-catching glass-bottom infinity pool – the largest out of the five pools found throughout SEE – with a couple of complimentary sun pads scattered around the soothing jacuzzi.

SEE chooses to avoid a formal dining room and saloon, in favor of a more modern, timeless layout. This 1,670 GT concept features an open concept kitchen with communal tables and a lounge area. In addition to a sushi counter and outdoor BBQ, the concept also features hydroponic tanks for growing fresh produce aboard, a fermentation chamber, and a mushroom lab.

It’s safe to say any food-lover will have no problem spending a holiday or two onboard this beautiful build.

Another impressive feature is a foredeck lounge that doubles as an alfresco cinema and can be converted into an oceanfront terrace with a large portion of the retractable glass, providing a space where guests can be a part of the voyage unfolding before them.

At the same time, the designers have given life to the wellness area of the yacht, with the lower level containing a full spa that includes saunas, steam rooms, infinity pools, loungers, and a gym. 

There are accommodations for up to 14 guests on board, including an upper deck with a wraparound owner’s suite. Two of the villa’s units are pool villas and four are spa villas, which are the remaining guest accommodations. Additionally, there is accommodation for 17 members of the crew.

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Through a hybrid propulsion system, SEE achieves 16 knots of top speed and can travel 3,750 nautical miles at its maximum range. 

In other words, yacht concept SEE is one to remember. 

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