Iddes Yachts newest vessel: 300m scientific exploration vessel Earth300
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Iddes Yachts newest vessel: the 300m scientific exploration vessel Earth300

Iddes Yachts newest vessel: the 300m scientific exploration vessel Earth300

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The unique and distinct exterior of Iddes Yachts most recent concept reflects the vessel’s ground-breaking and progressive nature. At 300 metres, Iddes Yacht’s Earth300 has been created and designed with scientific exploration at the forefront.

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Located in the heart of Barcelona, Iddes Yachts are a world class and award winning brand for good reason. The company’s list of accolades cements Iddes Yachts as a name to watch, receiving the German Design Award in 2020 which celebrates unique design trends as well as the Red Dot Award which commends leading product design, communication design and design concepts.

Aiming to achieve a balance between innovative nautical design and scientific exploration, Earth300 has sustainability at its core. With 22 state-of-the-art laboratories on board, the vessel is entirely emission free making it a role model for the industry and a leading design.

What makes Earth300 a groundbreaking concept?

Iddes Yachts have chosen to use a molten salt reactor (MSR) to achieve Earth300’s emission free status. Whilst you may be unfamiliar with the term MSR, the International Atomic Energy Agency can help to explain why this inclusion is important.

Molten salt reactors (MSRs) may play a key role in future nuclear energy systems by offering major advantages in safety and efficiency.” Effectively, molten salt reactors provide a more sustainable energy source and may well lead the way for other superyacht designs to follow suit when it comes to achieving complete carbon neutrality.

A Research Centre at Sea

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With space on board for 160 scientists, 160 crew members, 20 resident experts, 20 students and 40 additional guests, Earth300 is effectively a research station on water. The incredible size of the vessel as well as the innovative design which includes a 13-story science sphere makes this new concept as exciting for the industry as it is for the world’s scientific community.

Science Meets Superyachts

What’s especially interesting and admirable about Earth300 is the concept remains true to the trend-setting superyacht industry whilst inviting other industries such as the field of science to join the nautical community.

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