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Nadal Tames The Great White Yacht

Nadal Tames The Great White Yacht

Great White Yacht: If you’re not already over 34, what present will you give yourself on your 34th birthday? What is so special about the age of 34? You may ask. Nothing really, only that the 34-year-old Tennis star Rafael Nadal just got himself an 80-foot luxury yacht worth about $6.2 million.

Commissioned by Nadal in 2019, the superyacht was aptly named the ‘Great White’. Shortly prior, he had listed his 76-foot yacht, Beethoven. The Great White was built by the industry-leading, polish-based company that is Sunreef Yachts. Considered one of the finest brands, it’s no surprise Nadal entrusted SunreefYachts to bring his vision to life.

Inside The Great White Yacht

When exploring the interiors of the superyacht, Rafael Nadal’s personal touch is included throughout. From the main colors of cream, beige, and coffee to the interior design, The Great White remains chic, elegant and entirely alluring. Fully customized to meet the tennis star’s specific taste, it’s clear Sunreef Yachts understand their client and his preferences.

And it doesn’t stop there. The superyachts specs are nothing short of grandeur. The Great White is an 80-foot catamaran yacht, meaning it has two hulls joined together by structure. Each hull houses a 1200 horsepower engine, providing sufficient power for the Great White to reach a top speed of 24 knots. The superyacht also has enough range to cross the Atlantic. Even more impressive is how beautiful, spacious, and equipped the Great White’s interior is. Essentially a mansion floating on water, Sunreef Yachts haven’t held back on luxury.

The yacht offers around 4000 square feet of interior living space; ample space to house up to 12 guests, and enough crew members to keep them happy. Onboard the Great White, there’s a wealth of facilities on board including a hot tub, wet bar, relaxation lounges, a garage for jet skis, and other fun water vehicles. What’s more, the master bedroom is a joy to behold. It comes with all the amenities for modern living including and an overhead skylight. Imagine cruising on the Atlantic and watching the stars as you fall asleep. Heaven indeed!

The Great White yacht is a befitting birthday gift for one of the best Tennis players the world has ever seen and Sunreef Yachts made it possible.

Sunreef Yachts Create A Work of Art

If you previously didn’t know about Sunreef Yachts, let us introduce you to the household name. Founded in 2002, the company has since built top-notch multihull superyachts for clients worldwide. Sunreef Yachts are well known amongst the community thanks to their multihull creations and industry-leading concepts.

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Last year at the Monaco Yacht Show, Sunreef Yachts unveiled their plan to build the world’s largest catamaran; a tri-deck 167-foot long yacht called the 49MSUNREEF POWER. The catamaran will accommodate 17 crew members and 10 guests and will be powered by two 3400 horsepower engines.

Another impressive concept from Sunreef Yachts is the 210 Power Trimaran, which was unveiled some years ago. The 210 Sunreef Power Trimaran is planned to be powered by four 1635hp engines. It will also have about 10,400 square feet of living space. With 3 levels, it will be connected by an elevator and a luxurious spiral staircase. What’s more, it’s 6 guest cabins will have double beds and private balconies. Who knew one could have so much space at sea?

The Verdict

In exploring The Great White and its incredible nature, it’s clear Sunreef Yachts are an inspiration to the superyacht industry. With an innovative approach, the company reminds us what’s possible when we push boundaries, combine luxury with efficiency and continue to dream. And, whilst The Great White may not be your next purchase, we’re sure that simply exploring the phenomenal creation is enjoyable, fun and uplifting in itself.  May it add a healthy dose of grandeur to your day!

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