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Swan Shaped Yacht Unveiled for $500 Million

Swan Shaped Yacht Unveiled for $500 Million

swan shaped yacht

Swan-shaped luxury yacht concept with a detachable ‘head’ that acts as both the cockpit and a secondary boat is unveiled by an Italian designer for $500 million.


Italian designer Lazzarini has unveiled concept images for its latest superyacht – the aptly named 450 foot (137 metre) Avanguardia that resembles a swan. 

This first-of-its-kind superyacht features a sleek ‘neck’ and an elegant body in an attractive layered design, intended to resemble a swan’s wings and feathers. 

Any would-be owner of the Avanguardia – meaning ‘vanguard’ in English – can steer their vessel from the ‘head’ of the swan, which acts as its control tower. 


The extraordinary swan shaped yacht, which stretches more than the length of a football pitch, would set owners back £376 million ($500 million). 

But just like a swan can move its neck and head, the superyacht’s control tower can be moved down towards the water. 

The ‘head’ is even detachable and transforms into an auxiliary 50-foot boat.

Passengers invited for a ride on the boat can descend a set of steps on the neck.  

Avanguardia can accommodate up to 60 passengers on board, including 24 guests and crew, and comes with two helicopters, which can be stored in its two on-board hangars.

Lazzarini, designers of the concept yacht, says it also comes with two ‘jet capsules’ – mini vessels that can be used to cruise the sea on. 

A Lazzarini spokeswoman said the superyacht is inspired by ‘1970s Japanese manga’.

‘The head of the swan works as a control tower to manoeuvre the megayacht,’ she said. 

‘Due to an extendable crane located in the bow, in this case named the “neck”, the head can be dropped off and used as an auxiliary 16 metre [50-foot] boat.

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‘During the sailing the head can adjust its position by lowering in the middle of the megayacht body. 

‘Like a swan, the neck goes in the middle of the wings.’

She added: ‘Avanguardia is a a stylistic exercise that could become reality with a client able to invest $500 million for the construction.’

The superyacht also has five main decks and a Rolls-Royce jet engine which means it can reach 18 knots. 

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