Megayacht Concept Inspired By the Natural Curves of Pebbles
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140m Megayacht Concept Inspired By the Natural Curves of Pebbles

140m Megayacht Concept Inspired By the Natural Curves of Pebbles

140m Megayacht Concept: When it comes to designing a superyacht, inspiration can often come from the unlikeliest of places. Take, for instance, the newest megayacht concept from Van Geest Design, which was inspired by… little rocks.

The prodigious 459-footer, fittingly christened Pebble, is the brainchild of the studio’s co-founder Pieter van Geest. While traveling in England and Indonesia, the Dutch-born yacht designer stumbled across a couple of impossibly smooth pebbles. He was taken by the way the elements had refined the rock over time and decided to pay homage to Mother Nature’s talents in megayacht form.

“Pebble was designed with the idea that it was sculpted by nature over decades,” Pieter said in a statement. “It seamlessly fits in its ocean environment, water and the wind that defines its shape.”

Indeed, megayacht concept Pebble is replete with fluid lines and soft, rounded edges just like her namesake. There are very few corners in sight save for the razor-sharp vertical bow that will enable the vessel to skim effortlessly across the seas. The exterior is finished in a gleaming silver that emulates the color of slate, albeit with a little more pizzaz.

Onboard, Pebble can be customized to suit her owner’s needs. The studio suggests a generous VIP suite forward on the main deck and an owner’s suite with a dedicated deck two levels up. The upper deck comprises a sizable wellness center, while the lower features a sprawling beach club. The transom is also enclosed to ensure boarding is by invitation only.

Elsewhere, seafarers will have access to multiple swimming pools, a jacuzzi, and a helipad for quick and easy exits and entries.

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As for propulsion, Pieter told Robb Report this megayacht concept would be environmentally friendly.

“We could imagine that for a project like this (defined by nature) the propulsion to be a green as possible. There are several routes to go, from hybrid electric to hydrogen.”

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