Nobiskrug File for Insolvency is Raising Questions
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Why Nobiskrug File for Insolvency is Raising Questions

Why Nobiskrug File for Insolvency is Raising Questions

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Nobiskrug File for Insolvency: With an international clientele including the military as well as the world’s top ranked billionaires, Nobiskrug insolvency has sparked suspicion and is raising questions across the board.

A Turning Point in Management

In 2009, Nobiskrug was acquired by one of France’s wealthiest businessmen, Iskandar Safa who has a networth of over $1.1 billion. The acquisition of Nobiskrug is important and marked a fundamental turning point for the company’s history.

As recent reports explain, “It’s also worthwhile to consider Safa as a chairman of Nobiskrug, the impact of his status in the company and his questionable involvement in notable cases of illegal activity including international fraud and corruption.”

Nobiskrug’s Future: To Be Continued

Nobiskrug File for Insolvency: Whatever the cause, it is up to the lawyer or expert appointed to the case to determine why Nobiskrug has filed for insolvency and what its future will be.

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As an expert in matters of insolvency and restructuring as well as maritime economy, Hendrik Gitterman from Hamburg-based law firm Reimer will now lead the case.

Interestingly, Gitterman commented, “Bankruptcy often means not the collapse of a company, but a chance to start without debts.”

With a contextual understanding of insolvency and what leads to it, Gitterman’s remark is a telling reminder that companies may indeed file for insolvency intentionally in a bid to clear themselves of debt.

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