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Top 5 Best Marinas In the World 2022

Top 5 Best Marinas In the World 2022

As the world is slowly coming to terms with the current global pandemic, the boat and ocean-industries are also slowly seeing more and more events being scheduled, whilst less and less cancellation calls are coming in from government officials and companies alike. It’s about time, huh? 

As we over at start planning our upcoming trips and must-attend yacht shows around the world, we thought it’d be worth sharing some of our thoughts on what we believe makes a great marina truly remarkable, and which ones are worth the extra mile. Let’s dive into the best marinas in the world 2022!

Port Hercules, Monaco

Port Hercules – Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you’re a fan of superyachts and boats in general, the grandiose marina of Port Hercules is a definite must. Monaco is among one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world due to the luxurious, glamorous and wealthy lifestyle it encapsulates, and Port Hercule is no different. 

Even though the sovereign state of Monaco boasts a rich aura throughout it’s skyscrapers, casinos and hotels, the price for berthing at Port Hercules is actually more affordable compared to some of its peers.

However, the main reason for claiming our top-spot today is its incredible surroundings. Situated in an impressive setting surrounded by steep rising hills, both the port itself and Monaco’s tourist attractions can be experienced simultaneously in a truly unique manner. For example, experiencing the views of the marina and town at night, an ocean of shimmering lights of boats and buildings combine to create a truly spectacular sight, and is an absolute must for anyone involved in the yachting industry. 

Port de Saint Tropez, France

best marina in the world 2022 - port de saint tropez
Port de Saint Tropez, France

Just shy of a 2-hour drive away from Monaco and Port Hercules, we find the historical hub of Port de Saint Tropez. A gem perched in the heart of the French Riviera, and one of the most famous and important ports in the world due to its heritage, this lavish marina boasts about 700 berths spread over 22-acres. 

St Tropez in itself is a highly popular destination for both tourists and celebrities alike, as it offers world-class restaurants, shops and nightclubs, all whilst keeping the quaint charm of the town’s glorious maritime history. 

St Tropez has a classic and French feel pulsating through the city walls, courtesy of the narrow streets and historical architecture, which made it a favoured playground for the rich and famous. 

Marina di Portofino, Genova

Marina di Portofino, Italy

The Marina di Portofino is one of the most recognised ports in the world due to its unmistakable Italian feel. And who doesn’t love a slice of Italy on a warm summer’s day?

Originally a small fishing village on the coast off Genova, set in a protected bay of lush green waters, Portofino has become an ultimate playground for the super-rich and famous for good reason. With a few admirers such as Steven Spielberg, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and Rihanna.

And the YachtInformer team, of course. 

In order to keep the quiet, picturesque and private feel of the town, there’s only one road to access this little italian getaway, which the municipality have decided to keep closed in order to promote the traditional way of transportation. By boat.

Or a yacht, if you’re able to get your hands on one. 

Port Vell, Barcelona

Port Vell, Spain

A younger contender on the list – compared to Port de Saint Tropez for example, which has a few hundred years to its name – is the innovative marina Port Vell, situated in the heart of the ever-sunny Barcelona.

Port Vell was originally established for the 1992 Olympic games, but has since grown to become a 148-berth facility for superyachts up to 190-metres (623ft). Which means every single yacht on the planet. Even Azzam, the worst longest yacht, has a solid 10m to spare. 

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As you pull into Port Vell, you’re greeted by idyllic views of the Mediterranean hotspot, only a stone’s throw away from the city’s main attractions. Imagine a sunny Las Ramblas, a restaurant-packed Gothic Quarter, numerous scenic beaches, as well as a sold-out Camp Nou, home of FC Barcelona. If you’re in the mood for a city holiday, it doesn’t get much better than that

And as the evening rolls around, the city’s thrilling nightlight comes to the fore. Showcasing some of Europe’s best gastronomic experiences, local bars and resounding nightclubs, the city becomes the perfect place to soak up the finest social delights of life.

Porto Montenegro, Montenegro

Porto Montenegro, Montenegro

Another marina which has definitely earned its right on this list is Porto Montenegro. Set in the colourful UNESCO-protected Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, Porto Montenegro is fast claiming a stake as one of Europe’s most attractive and sought-after marinas.

Through a different lens, Porto Montenegro is set apart through its mountainous landscape, scattered with canyons, serene wildlife reserves and glacial lakes. Furthermore, its uninhabited islands, hidden coves and historical sites, the small country of Montenegro has become one of the most fashionable places to visit in Europe.

After the facility went through a row of recent updates, it now offers the ability to berth some of the world’s largest superyachts, capable of catering for yachts up to 250-metres (820-feet) long. Subsequently, this has brought a wealthier and more prestigious clientele to Porto Montenegro, who are keen to induce in the lavish lifestyle the country has to offer.

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