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Tomorrows Superyachts Series #1: Best Yacht Design Concepts in the World 2022

Tomorrows Superyachts Series #1: Best Yacht Design Concepts in the World 2022

There’s no secret that the yacht market has been booming over recent years, especially since the pandemic restricted travel privileges across the world, which has resulted in more and more orders seeping into the books of both shipyards as well as yacht designers. 

It’s not just an increased number of orders that’s been knocking on the door of yacht design studios, the desire to explore further depths of our planet and ocean has been evident through the rise of converted explorer yachts. And whilst the push for a more adventurous and gadget-filled lifestyle onboard has come from one corner, the other half of forthcoming yacht owners has pushed for the sustainable side of the industry to bring it up a notch. 

When weighing up these factors against each other, it’s an equation which has resulted in more than a handful of enticing and avant-garde yacht concepts capable of shaping the future of both the industry, as well as the world at large. 

Here’s the first out of five in our Tomorrows Superyachts Series, let’s dive in!

90m Kairos by Pininfarina (For Oceanco)

The main theme behind this new first-time collaboration between dutch shipyard Oceanco and Italian design studio Pininfarina was to put an emphasis on the connection between its owner and their creation, through an immersion of not just the environment onboard, but also the environment of our planet.

It’s with a focus on the location rather than solely the upcoming destination that provides the next generation of yacht-owners with a solemn space to become one with both the yacht and all it has to offer. All whilst proving top-shelf sustainability measures onboard.

“Our passion as designers is to imagine new concepts of space that are capable of bringing enchantment to every moment of the experience.” comments Paolo Pinanfarina, chairman of the design studio. 

Onboard Kairos, time, space and people connect to be one with the moment. The owner and their guests are at the epicenter of the onboard experience, and the surrounding space adapts to their every desire. A 360-degree approach to design at once connects you to the sea below, to the light above and to the spaces and people beside you. It nourishes your curiosity on an instinctive level and encourages you to explore new experiences and perspectives.” Pinanfarina concludes. 

Can we use yacht design as a measure of manipulating time?

When you’re dealing with the wealthiest people in the world, a group that’s used to paying their way to whatever they believe will bring them fulfilment, what do you give them when they come knocking on your front door?

Something money can’t buy of course. Time.

A central theme throughout the creation of Project Kairo was the notion of “slowing down time”. The design studio focused on allowing both guests and owners alike to indulge in a space capable of eliminating the modern need for direction fostered by the urgent society we’ve arrived at. Both digitally and physically. 

The heart of life onboard is the spacious, theatrical piazza composed through a glass interior, to which all entry points of KAIROS lead, thus forming a function similar to the one found within the practice of meditation, where we’re eventually brought back to the serene nature of our own breath.

“Vertically developed across three levels, the piazza breaks from the canons of conventional yacht design. Intricate design combines stunning asymmetric shapes, transparent structures and a lack of physical barriers, influenced by the contrasting, multidimensional landscapes that exist in our daily lives. It is a captivating space in which to share inspiring moments, conveying a sense of liberty and joy.” the studio states. 

Furthermore, the cabins on Kairos have all been strategically positioned on the lower level, providing for a greater sense of space and flow across the main level’s guest areas while also delivering outstanding views in close proximity of the endless abyss of possibilities. The ocean.

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The layout on the 90-metre superyacht encourages meaningful social interaction, preserving the magic of intimate moments in private places. The panoramic balcony, for example, can be accessed above the upper deck via an elevator, where guests can enjoy a quiet moment of tranquillity while soaking up in the views not many people in this world get to enjoy. 

One for the owner, one for the planet

Unfortunately, none of us have a DeLorean in which we can go back in time(if you do, please get in touch asap) and prevent all the damage we’ve already done to mother earth. But what we can do, however, is make sure we do the best of the future that’s waiting around the corner. That’s exactly what Pininfarina has done with Kairos. 

“The creative layout of KAIROS is enabled via an innovative, all-electric propulsion and energy system architecture. The e-Hybrid system incorporates batteries as the primary means of energy delivery, permitting the varying power demands of hotel, propulsion and manoeuvring loads to be seamlessly met.” the Italian studio says. 

“Diesel generators are provided for battery charging and high-speed cruising, selected free from the constraints of a conventional diesel electric and purely on the basis of efficiency and energy density.”

The result is an elegant solution with flexibility in space distribution and a compact arrangement that allows the primary machinery space to be accommodated within a single-tier compartment.

I’m not an engineer myself, but this essentially provides the superyacht with a further depth of space distribution allowing the primary machinery to be accommodated within a single-tier compartment. All in all, this permits extensive operation with no noise, lower vibrations and zero local emissions, meaning the environmental footprint left is minimal compared to the vast majority of yachts currently cruising the seven seas. 

I believe it’s fair to say, Kairos one for the future. 

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