Unusual Luxury Yachts: The Dot and Drakkar S explored
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Discover These two Unusual Luxury Yachts

Discover These two Unusual Luxury Yachts

Unusual Luxury Yachts: When you think of a luxury yacht, you most likely will dream up a picture of a sleek and stunning vessel elegantly-designed by one of the world’s leading shipbuilders, and decked out in the height of luxury soft furnishings and endless onboard entertainments.

However, we don’t like to miss out on sharing some of the more unusual luxury yacht news we come across, and our first story is quite unusual, even if we say so ourselves!

How does the thought of living aboard a Star Ferry converted luxury yacht strike you? Intrigued? So are we!

For the bargain price of  HK$21 Million, you could be the proud owner of the Dot, a converted Star Ferry that was formally named Golden Star. The Dot luxury yacht is located in Tai Tam in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island.

The Dot luxury yacht conversion

Luxury Yachts

As unusual luxury yachts go, The Dot is of no mean size with over 6,000 square feet of available living space, plus an extra 4,000 square feet for storage and housing utilities. The luxury yacht has been completely refurbished and the interior design is reminiscent of an airy, light New York-style loft apartment.

The converted yacht features a warm and clean brown and white colour palette, with four spacious cabins featuring floor to ceiling windows that really connects the inside with the outside world and floods the interior cabins with sunlight.

There are en-suite bathrooms for all cabins that come with both a bath and shower and guests are treated to a fully equipped cinema room to catch the latest movies. You can also work remotely from your converted luxury yacht within your own office.

Tastefully done renovations

Reports from people that have toured the luxury yacht say that it is difficult to find many traces of the original ferry, but the converted boat does still retain some features of the excellent workmanship of the Golden Star ferry company within the deckhead and the teak deck.

The former ferry deck space has been converted to include an al-fresco dining area and space to stretch out and sunbathe. Inside the former passenger space has been tastefully made over into cosy living and dining room areas.

Luxury Yachts

Hong Kong is known for its sticky humidity, so the Dot has been fitted out with no less than thirty air-conditioners to keep things cool on board for its occupants. There is also a clever water collection system in the roof that filters seawater and rainwater, making the boat self-sufficient for its water needs. Dot also holds 170 square metres of solar panels on the roof that helps to keep the boat going.

There’s an app for that!

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Our second piece of news is all about a concept luxury yacht that you can control entirely by your smartphone!

The luxury yacht concept is currently known as the Drakkar S, and plans to make operating the yacht simple for its aspiring owner. The idea behind the app development is to help those yacht owners that may not have a lot of sailing experience or ability.

Luxury Yachts

Russian-based yacht design studio Max Zhivov has come up with a new self-driving luxury yacht that you can control from your smartphone. The 85-foot yacht concept should be able to sail itself, which means that navigating the high seas can be done by amateur sailors with great precision, ease, safety and efficiency.

The green-design also features a state-of-the-art electric motor and 861 square feet of solar panels, offering totally emission-free sailing. The electric motor would also mean that the Drakkar S will be whisper-quiet while in operation.

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