Yachting Expertise - K-YACHTS, New Line of Superyachts for Explorers
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K-YACHTS, Yachting Expertise’s New Line of Superyachts for Explorers

K-YACHTS, Yachting Expertise’s New Line of Superyachts for Explorers

K Yachts - grey and red

Yachting Expertise’s Gianluca Fenucci is set to announce a new line of explorer yachts at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival. 

Yachting Expertise launches K-YACHTS line of explorer superyachts

A range of four semi-custom models – between 300 GT and just under 500 GT – was designed by Andrea Vallicelli and constructed by CPN shipyard in Ancona and based on the successful engineering platform of K-584, a yacht measuring 36.6 metres. 

Even the red ‘K’ logo on the hull is similar to that of K-584, as shown in the renders below.

Yachting Expertise

“The owner of K-584 is a determined person and raised the bar very high,” Fenucci summarizes. “He wanted an efficient and seaworthy yacht to explore the world, and he also wanted to have fun during the build. It was meant as a one-off project, but the energy during the whole design and build process was so positive, and the owners so pleased with the outcome, that I began thinking why stop here? The feeling was a bit like when I set up the ISA shipyard over 20 years ago.”

Yachting Expertise

During his whole career Fenucci, has never been the one to back down from a challenge. Together with the former technical director of ISA, Antonio Longobardi, he started Yachting Expertise, a consulting network that specializes in planning and executing yachting projects.
The first major project managed by the company was the construction of a full-custom K-584. In the initial sea trials, the engineering expertise and MARIN-tested hull form gave the owner great satisfaction regarding both the ride comfort and fuel efficiency. 

Yachting Expertise

“We delivered K-584 on time, on budget and exceeded the owner’s expectations,” says Fenucci. “With K-Yachts we want to develop other niche opportunities in the market for involved owners looking for an efficient, proven platform, and that want to be engaged in and enjoy the construction experience. It’s a matter of competence and expertise, but also a lot to do with human relations and having fun – a little bit in the old style of yacht building when trust was an essential factor.”

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The company plans to build one or two units at a time, focusing on the quality of the product rather than the quantity of the units. Potential investors are always welcome to propose ideas to Fenucci and his team, but not at the expense of K-Yachts’ core values, showing the strong identity built within the company. 

Yachting Expertise

“I believe K-584 is an iconic yacht – a small one, but iconic nonetheless,” continues Fenucci. “K-Yachts builds on that strong brand identity, strong engineering platform and strong technical performance. After 35 years in the boatbuilding business and some 55 projects, I’ve found a new enthusiasm for my career!”

We’ll be following the developments of both Gianluca Fenucci and Yachting Expertise with a keen eye over the next few years, with a great future on the horizon. 

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