World Superyacht Awards 2021 – The winners and the reasons why
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World Superyacht Awards 2021 – The winners and the reasons why

World Superyacht Awards 2021 – The winners and the reasons why

artefact motor yacht of the year 2021

After another year packed with new-builds hitting the water for the first time, yacht charters reaching new heights, and old designs refitting their way to the future, this year’s World Superyacht Awards has officially been wrapped up! 

As 2021 kicked off, the world at large, as well as the yachting industry, had started to see the slight shimmer of light at the end of a COVID-19 infected tunnel, with hope that we would soon again be able to attend the numerous shows, events and destinations this industry had to offer. To feel the breeze of the ocean, and appreciate all the magnificent yachts out there.

Fast-forwarding to September 5th, zooming in on the Monte Carlo Sporting located in the heart of Monaco, we could finally taste that sense of excitement again, that appreciation of seeing the world of yachting for what it really is; grand, breath-taking, luxurious, and far away from any Zoom meeting. 

Here’s a recap of all the winners of the 2021 World Superyacht Awards. Let’s dive in. 

Motor Yacht of The Year: Artefact

Length: 80m
Builder: Nobiskrug
Naval architect: Nobiskrug
Exterior design: Gregory C Marshall Naval Architects
Interior design: Reymond Langton Design

First things first, this category is considered the Crème de la Crème at the Superyacht Awards as it’s only open to winners to the winners of each motor yacht class covering displacement, semi-displacement and planing vessels. 

There’s a common pattern for this award as the eyes of the judges tend to lean towards the bigger yachts, who are designed and built with a bigger budget, when deciding the winner. However, this year we saw a greater number of smaller yachts taking a swing for the big prize, as their technology and design has shown capabilities to enter the ring with some of the bigger ones in the opposite corner. 

Although this award is a holistic one that considers every aspect of each yacht, from appearance to build quality and technology, which is why the judges finally came to an almost unanimous decision to prize the 80-metre Nobiskrug yacht Artefact as the Motor Yacht of the Year.

In addition to the credits already given to this yacht as the winner of the second largest displacement class, this award will highlight the extraordinary levels of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and attention to environmental and technical considerations that went into her design and construction.

The success of a custom-built yacht depends on many factors, including good teamwork between the yard and many outside parties. Above all, it requires an owner who is knowledgeable and able to see the process towards the fulfilment of their desires, and in this respect, the build of Artefact excelled.

Congratulations are in order, to all who were involved in building this remarkable yacht, a worthy winner of this most prestigious award.

Voyager’s Award: V6

Length: 48.5m
Builder: Flyghtship

As the world was put on hold for the past two years, the Voyager’s yachts have had a hard time keeping up the same level of production, which is clearly seen in the fact that only three yachts submitted entries for this category. 

Despite this, one build stood out to the judges in particular; V6. 

During the beginning of 2020, the owner of V6 foresaw the coming collapse of most industries and quickly identified the need for what he called an “escape pod”.

With Edmiston’s help, the 48.5m expedition yacht T6 was identified as a suitable vessel and was purchased.

With little time to hand over from the previous crew, and now named V6, she made a transatlantic passage to the Canaries where she was joined by the owner and his family for a brief shakedown cruise, bringing along photography equipment, drones, and scuba equipment. Aboard the vessel, the sailors checked out Gibraltar, the Scilly Isles, Ireland, Scotland’s Western Isles, the Shetlands, and Arctic Norway before entering the Svalbard archipelago lying at 77 degrees North in the Barents Sea. After that, everything was an adventure, from sighting polar bears to hiking the Brasvellbreen ice wall, as well as swimming, paddling, and kite-surfing between icebergs.

Now that’s one hell of a way to spend lockdown, impressing the judges enough to bring home this year’s Voyager’s Award. 

Displacement Motor Yachts 3,000GT and Above: Moonrise

Length: 100m
Builder: Feadship
Naval architect: Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects
Exterior design: Studio De Voogt; Rémi Tessier
Interior design: Rémi Tessier

Moonrise is one of the judges’ favourites because of its impressive exterior design with a pleasingly clean line and plenty of attention to detail. The deck areas are equipped with every facility imaginable, including a helicopter landing area on the foredeck, which the owner had not specifically requested. In making this decision, the owner considered that the lack of such facilities might impact the resale price and was immediately justified after Covid-19 restrictions forced him to, ironically, arrive by helicopter.

In terms of the interior, Rémi Tessier created what the judges considered an admirable modern style that incorporated the luxurious touches for which she is known. Because Moonrise is meticulously designed to deliver Feadship’s high quality and low levels of noise and vibration, the judges deemed it worthy of winning this highly competitive category.

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 1,600GT and 2,999GT: Artefact

Length: 80m
Builder: Nobiskrug
Naval architect: Nobiskrug
Exterior design: Gregory C Marshall Naval Architects
Interior design: Reymond Langton Design

With a daringly fresh and appealing exterior style, an ingenious interior layout, cutting-edge interior design, excellent build quality, and an environmentally friendly propulsion system, the 80-metre Artefact captured judges’ attention to say the least. They were particularly blown away when they first saw the exterior design of the yacht, designed by Canadian naval architect Greg C Marshall.

Reymond Langton Design created an equally impressive interior, which features a unique window shape and large expanses of glass combined with fine artwork, furniture and murals. 

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 1,000GT and 1,599GT: Alfa

Length: 70.2m
Builder: Azimut Benetti
Naval architect: Benetti
Exterior design: Benetti
Interior design: Luxury Projects – Laura Pomponi

The judging of each yacht in this category is divided into six segments covering every aspect of the vessel, including exterior styling, interior and exterior design, quality of construction, layout and technical features, and Alfa has made herself known for her excellence within in the areas of exterior styling and interior design.

The exterior of the yacht was designed by Benetti’s design team, which was also responsible for her naval architecture, which satisfies the client’s desire for elegance and unification with the yacht’s maritime environment.

The hull of the ship sports a tremendously original profile with three strong vertical lines of panoramic windows. The superstructure provides five large and distinct deck areas as well as a beach club on the lower deck to provide cool shade and easy access to the sea.

By using a limited palette of soft, warm colours along with finely crafted wood, stone, leather, and marble, Laura Pomponi’s interior design is modern, uncluttered and highly efficient. The judges were especially taken with the feeling of calm, richness, and connection with one’s surroundings.

The full list of the winner from the 2021 World Superyacht Awards Motor Yachts 

Motor Yacht of The Year – ARTEFACT

Sailing Yacht of The Year – GEIST

Refitted Yachts – BROADWATER

Rebuilt Yachts – ISTROS

Sailing Yachts – GEIST

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