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Tomorrows Superyachts Series #2: Iddes Yachts 120m HOP

Tomorrows Superyachts Series #2: Iddes Yachts 120m HOP

Welcome to our second design of the Tomorrow’s Superyachts Series where we explore what some of the prominent features of future yachts might look like, and how they will differ from the designs currently cruising the oceans. 

Let’s dive in!

120m HOP by Iddes Yachts

There’s a serene commonality found within each project launched by the Spanish naval architecture company Iddes Yachts; a belief of a better future for the yachting industry. 

Superyachts Series
Superyachts Series

In an industry mostly dominated by sheer financial muscles and a disregard for the cause-and-effect that it breeds, there’s a significant promise prominent within the sleek lines of the 120-metre yacht concept HOP; a design to raise awareness and speed up the trend towards the reduction in the environmental impact. 

“[To] encourage the yachting industry to be eco-friendly with the implementation of alternative energies, waste, plastic pollution and water management, environmentally friendly mooring, an eco-friendly operational planning and further technological innovations,” the studio comments. 

A Progressive Design Focusing on What Matters

Naturally, when you indulge in an industry known to cater the richest people on the planet, you’ll be greeted by “the bigger the better” attitude in most conversations. Longer yachts, taller beams, increased gross tonnage.

Although, is it really equating to the way of life we as humans were designed for? Are we in need of more space in the form of 25 staterooms and 15,000 GT’s, or does our future ache for a different type of space to find the part of nautical gateway we long for the most? 

An aspect found throughout the entirety of the Spanish studio’s design is the direction towards openness

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Superyachts Series

With equilibrium between luxury and environmental awareness alike, the yacht boasts an impressive multi-functional aft deck which can be used for events, embarked in expeditions or a deepened sense relaxing with the noise of the world left outside. 

The main deck shares a large open space which connects with the glass structure permitting a sensation of freedom. A commodity hard to come by in the modern world we’ve created for ourselves. 

Furthermore, the hidden terrace of the mid-deck, naturally shaded by the deck above, keeps the guests away from the sun in a comfortable and cosy atmosphere, without the need of further outfitting. The owner’s penthouse, a floating observatory, was designed with the aim to excite and connect one with the environment and location. Guests cabins located forward of the yacht can enjoy the feeling of sleeping outdoors yet being on a two-level loft with natural sunlight or night sky views.

As the future building blocks of our industry constantly being up for grabs, Iddes Yachts are definitely a player to looking to score a better tomorrow.

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