Billionaire Boats: Will Project Indah Be the Most Amazing One Yet?
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Will Project Indah Be One of the Most Amazing Billionaire Boats to Be Launched to Date?

Will Project Indah Be One of the Most Amazing Billionaire Boats to Be Launched to Date?

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The Project Indah concept is truly a gem in a sea of stunning billionaire boats, but what is it that makes this 393ft megayacht concept truly special?

Is it the clever expanding lower deck that effortlessly connects you with the sea?

The fully equipped gym and sauna that sits behind tinted glass to give excellent views?

Or the below-deck garage that is large enough to house a helicopter?

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Project Indah, which means ‘beautiful’ in Indonesian, is certainly a vessel that was designed to meet the ever-growing demand from rich yacht owners for megayachts with a length of over 100 metres. The stunning ship actually reaches 120m (393ft), which means she would easily make it into the top 30 of the longest billionaire boats currently sailing the seas.

When bigger is actually better!

There is no doubt that when it comes to competing with a fellow billionaire, bigger is always going to be better, especially when it comes to owning a billionaire boat!

With a surge in demand from rich clients for ‘bigger and better’ superyachts, the Project Indah is the last name in billionaire one-upmanship.

Her designers, at the Opalinski Design House, state that the concept was created to meet the rise in demand for vessels reaching over 100 metres, but with the unique addition of a patented fold-out beach club, this gives the boat an additional length of deck space through the clever use of transom bulkheads that can rotate outwards, extending the deck out to sea.

In a recent news report, the Florida-based Opalinski Design House said: ‘This yacht utilizes proven design template, at the same time pushing the boundaries of what is possible.’

The Opalinski Design House also went on to say: ‘While the yachting industry is constantly improving in every way possible, we notice there is a need for a vessel, that introduces progressive design, “state-of-the-art” technology and innovative features.

How the beach club extension works

While at anchor, the transom bulkheads, which are the sides of the billionaire boat at the stern, can rotate outwards, giving the rear of the boat a large additional deck space which is nearly double the size of the conventional swim platform.

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The extended beach club platform enables guests to easily access the sea while giving them unobstructed views over the water because of the much larger deck space. The billionaire boat can carry a range of tenders, but these will be kept discreetly out of view while the deck is fully extended, yet will be easily accessible by guests should they want to use them.

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Other features onboard

But it isn’t just the eye-catching and unique extendable beach club deck that is exciting about this concept design. There has been no expense spared in the design of the rest of the megayacht. Other features include a fully equipped gym to keep you well-toned while out at sea, as well as a luxury sauna, both of which have amazing views out to sea through the tinted glass.

The private owner’s suite has its own dedicated deck balcony for when you need a bit of privacy, and there is ample lounging space for guests with sunbeds on the foredeck, along with a hot tub and retractable sunshade for those super-sunny lazy days onboard.

Access to and from shore is easy with the Project Indah having its own helicopter landing pad on board, and you can even keep it out of sight inside the below-deck helicopter garage.

This amazing concept isn’t all beauty without any guts! She will be able to compete on speed with the best of the rest with a 24-knot (27mph) maximum speed.

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Will Project Indah ever be built? Keep up with our News Page to be informed when this amazing concept, and other billionaire boats, are taken out of the virtual world and launched into the real world.

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